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The time has come, folks. We've entered June in all its sweltering, sticky, and humid glory. One step outside and we're met with the oppressive heat that can only signal a true Southern summer. Makeup is sliding down our faces nearly as soon as we put it on, which might lead some to question why we even try. (Just kidding.)

Instead of waving the white flag and surrendering to Mother Nature we often pile on the powder to soak up our biggest summer grievance and the catalyst for our daily landslide of makeup: oil. You'll find a cake-y mess is often the immediate result, which eventually turns into clogged pores and breakouts—the worst. The fix for this not-so-pretty summer side effect comes in a neat little envelope and is just $8 a pop. We're referring to Tatcha Japanese Blotting Papers, and you're about wonder how you ever lived a sweltering day without them.

Tatcha is a brand founded on the beauty secrets of Japan's geisha. Each product in the line was developed with both scientists and geisha themselves to ensure the proper techniques and ingredients were used in keeping with their unique traditions. These oil-absorbing leaflets are no exception.

The abaca paper that's found in each sheet has been used for centuries to protect the delicate gold artisans would hammer into thin leafing. It was discovered that this paper was also soft and highly absorbent, making it the perfect tool for removing oil without messing make up or drying out skin.

It seems this centuries-old custom is just as relevant today, as Tatcha's Aburatorigami Japenese Blotting Papers seem to be a fan-favorite in the category for Sephora shoppers. The top-rated papers come in packages of 30 sheets, which should be just what you need to make it through these dog days of summer.

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Each sheet is larger than many of the varieties you'll find in drugstore beauty aisles and more absorbent to boot. Give these a try for a dewy (never oily) complexion.