Tarte's Skin Mist Took My Makeup Game to the Next Level

I've experienced the overwhelming difference firsthand.

Glow Face Makeup
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Stop what you're doing, hold the phone, and alert the BFFs because I've found it. I have discovered the holy grail of makeup that actually keeps my face looking fresh until it's time to hit the showers. And here's the plot twist – you've known about it for years. Much like breakfast food, over-sized clothes, and forgotten money discovered in your pocket, this product is seriously underrated. Have I hyped it enough? Are you ready for the reveal?

It's finishing spray. Wait, wait, wait – don't click away just yet. Makeup artists swear by the stuff, and I've experienced the overwhelming difference firsthand. It's less of an option and more of a necessity, especially in the South where heat and humidity run rampant. I've tried dozens of finishing sprays, and while every option helps keep my makeup in place, none comes close to the (borderline magical) power of the Tarte Ready Set Radiant Skin Mist.

The benefits of the Tarte setting spray are twofold. It hydrates the skin and keeps makeup refreshed and in place. But my favorite part is the enviable dewy look it gives my face. Having friends ask if I just had a facial is enough to make me reach for it every day. The antioxidant-packed formula smells just like cucumber, which is pleasingly subtle. Paraben-free and completely vegan, the Tarte skin mist comes in a sleek purple bottle that lasts nearly four months. One spray will do, unless I know I'm in store for a particularly long and sweaty day, in which case I like to apply it after each step of my makeup routine.

If you're not sure about a radiant, lit-from-within glow, fear not. There is also a travel-size version for those of us with commitment issues (guilty as charged). But I have a strong feeling you'll be back for more.

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