How To Keep Your Concealer From Creasing Under Your Eyes

This under-eye hack is simple, but super effective.

Concealer Faux Pas
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When done correctly, under-eye concealer can hide some majorly pesky complexion woes. We're talking even the most devious of dark circles, as well as any tip-off that we traded in sleep the night before to binge a whole season of Firefly Lane instead. However, it can be hard to master the perfect technique to avoid any look of cakiness or creasing after a few hours of wear, and the common problem occurs for dry, oily, combination, or aging skin alike.

Luckily, summer's not quite here, and school is still in session. Learn the viral long-wear hack for keeping your under-eye concealer from creasing or settling into fine lines around the eyes as you wear it throughout the day.

How To Apply Under-Eye Concealer Without Any Creasing

  1. Apply a small amount of under-eye concealer. The best starting placement for your concealer is one dot of product right on the inner corner of your under-eye, which will be enough to spread across the middle part, and another dot of product right on the outer corner of the eye, which will help lift and snatch the area's appearance once blended in an up-and-out direction. (One of the most common concealer mistakes is applying way too much.)
  2. Apply a small dot of hydrating eye cream in between both dots of concealer, on the skin right under where your pupil sits.
  3. Starting at the inner corner, blend out using your finger or a damp Beautyblender sponge. Once you've worked your way over to the outer corner, begin to angle the blending up towards your temple.
  4. Once fully blended, use a clean eyeshadow brush to press loose setting powder along the under-eye area. This is the finishing trick! Keep this brush reserved for loose setting powder only, so as not to risk old eyeshadow fallout.

Check back in a couple hours and notice what you won't be seeing: clumpy creasing from shifted concealer.

Shop all of the essential under-eye makeup products to avoid any creasing or settling into lines below.

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Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Tarte Concealer

This best-selling, full-coverage concealer goes on like a total dream under normal circumstances, so we can only imagine using it with this technique. It blends really well and hydrates the skin, thanks to an ingredient list that includes shea and mango seed butter. Choose from over 30 shades.

Shop It: $27;

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CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

CeraVe Eye Cream

It shouldn't be a surprise that this drugstore classic will certainly do the trick in this scenario. Since the ultra-hydrating formula is made to jive with sensitive skin, it makes a great option for the delicate under-eye area.

Shop It: $13.99;

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Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder for Under Eyes

Laura Mercier Eye Powder

Ah, the final step that makes the biggest difference. Laura Mercier's cult-favorite setting powder now has a sibling made specifically for the eye area. The transparent, weightless powder claims to work three wonders: to set under-eye concealer, brighten dark circles, and diminish the look of fine lines. It comes in two shade options.

Shop It: $28;

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