This Microfiber Spa Headband Has Quickly Become My Most-Used Hair Accessory

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Spa Headband Kitsch

Washing my face shouldn't be considered a chore, but come morning or nightfall, there is nothing that I dread more. The splashes that get all over my shirt, the mascara streaks left under my eyes despite ample scrubbing, the makeup stains that have dribbled from my hands to my elbows to the counter—unfortunate side effects for the sake of a skin-care routine. More than anything, I loathe how the roots of my hair, despite being appropriately swept up into a ponytail, get wet. It makes my hair go flatter than a cake baked on a humid day.

The answer to my wet-mopped hair? A spa headband. While this fluffy wraparound hair accessory has always been employed at spas during facials and other services, it's now hit the mainstream in a cute way. You can find spa headbands in all designs and styles, but it was imperative to me to choose one that features an absorbent fabric, since the main issue I wanted to avoid was getting my hair roots wet while washing my face.

The Kitsch Microfiber Spa Headband more than fits the bill. It's a wraparound design that also has a cutout where a low ponytail can be slipped through at the nape of the neck while wearing it, and it comes in different colors and patterns, like leopard and polka-dot, to fit your preference. (I went with the classic white.) It's made with organic cotton and bamboo, which means it's soft enough to not cause too much friction and create frizz, but is also absorbent enough to be a good barrier between my face wash, the water from the faucet, and my hair. All you have to do is secure it using the easy velcro strips at each end.

Since I've started using a spa headband, I've been able to avoid dampening my hair while cleansing, which then helps when styling it later. Similarly, whenever I need to hop in the shower without washing my hair, it keeps the roots nice and dry. No more flatness or oiliness as a result! For anyone who likes to wash and go without any hassle, it makes the perfect purchase or holiday gift. Pro tip: It's also great to throw on while applying face makeup, in order to avoid getting face makeup or setting spray on your hair. For those with bangs, it really should be a must-have hair accessory.

Shop the Kitsch headband, plus two other shopper-loved options, below.

Kitsch Microfiber Spa Headband

Best Spa Headbands

This headband easily adjusts to different head sizes, thanks to the velcro at each end.

BUY IT: $11.40;

Honest Beauty Fuzzy Headband

Best Spa Headbands
Honest Beauty

This soft, fuzzy headband is as adorable as it is functional. Throw it on whenever you need to pull your hair out of your face.

BUY IT: $14.99;

Kristin Ess Cozy Headband

Best Spa Headbands

If you don't like the hassle of a wraparound design, or simply are just more concerned about flyaways or bangs getting in your way, this knotted headband will do the job.

BUY IT: $12.48;

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