Every woman's skin bears the weight of harsh weather and climate change, but Southern belles have to deal with a few extra twists. For one, our skin is faced with constant humidity in the hot Southern sun. We also love spending time at our gorgeous beaches around the region, but that exposes our skin to the elements more than we'd like. So, what's the secret to having beautiful, flawless skin? As you can probably guess, the root of perfect skin comes back to the care and products that you use to take care of it. We've compiled a list of skin care tips that Southern women swear by – from using sunscreen every day to avoiding heavy foundation and always, always washing our face. It's also important to always have your bag stocked and ready to go in times of need. Keep some oil-blotting sheets and toner handy so that your face feels fresh – even when it's July in New Orleans. Instead of fearing the humidity, we encourage our Southern belles to embrace it. Try these tips from our editors for soft, glowing skin.

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