Nighttime Beauty Secrets We Learned From Our Mamas

Make snoozing a little sweeter.

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Beauty sleep is a real thing y'all. Once you fall asleep your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself, so when you wake up in the morning your complexion is ready to take on the day—even if you still need that cup of coffee. Growing up our mamas always told us about the importance of a good night's sleep and fostering a pre-bed beauty routine. They knew that these two things would result in a fresher, younger you. While we may not have appreciated watching them slather on their favorite face cream when we were little, looking back we're thankful to have learned from the best. Before you hit the hay, try using one of these tried and true tips we've picked up from the favorite women in our lives. As they say, mama always knows best!

Be Consistent

"She uses Pond's Cold Cream every night to remove her make-up. Plus, she's been using Retin-a since her 30s, which very effective in the anti-wrinkle fight." –Maura


"Growing up, my mom taught me the importance of exfoliating at night with a lathering face wash. She used small circular motions around her t-zone, cheeks and nose. She would then apply a moisturizing night cream around her face." –Liz

Remember the Eyes

"Use eye cream! And lots of it. My mom always uses eye cream before going to bed. It's probably the reason I've been vigilant about doing the same since I was 15." –Alice

Care for the Hair

"She would put deep conditioner in her hair and wear a head wrap to bed one night a week to keep her strands shiny and strong." –Sarah

Love Your Lashes

"My mama always used baby oil to remove her waterproof eye makeup and keep her eye lashes hydrated and soft." –Ulana

Make Time To Moisturize

"Cover your face and neck in tons of moisturizer (or rosehip oil!) every night to keep wrinkles away, never go to bed with makeup on your face, and always wash your face with a good cleanser, moisturize like crazy, and then just pray for no wrinkles."-Malia

Don't Neglect the Neck

"She used Clinique forever because it was the only thing around and she always said to make sure you moisturize your face and neck!" –Kelly

"From watching my mom, I learned that your night-time routine is more than just beauty and health—it's making time for self-care in a way that is sustainable, restorative, and rejuvenating. A little me-time right before bed goes a long way! Also: Stick to what you know works. If you have a basic face bar that works for you, it's ok to experiment sometimes, but it is also okay to come home to it (which you inevitably will)." –Kate

"My mom actually didn't have a nightly routine when I was growing up...she does now and says she wishes she'd started sooner, so that's the lesson I've learned." –Laura

"She always puts on oil of Olay lotion every night on her face and neck before bed, just like her own mom did. Now I do it too!" –Dina

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