Are these Southern staples in your bathroom?

Are these Southern staples in your bathroom?
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Few spaces are more sacred than a Southern woman's bathroom. This multipurpose room is a workshop where she primps in the morning and also a relaxing retreat where she unwinds at the end of the day. Whether her bathroom is neatly organized or drawers are bursting with beauty products galore, here are 10 things you're sure to find in every Southern woman's bathroom.

Monogrammed towel set

Whether received as graduation gifts or wedding presents, a Southern girl is sure to have at least a few sets of monogrammed towels in the linen closet.

Hot tools

Curling iron, blow-dryer, straightener—there's sure to be a fleet of styling tools at the ready. Check out this video for step-by-step instructions for mastering the perfect blowout.


How else do you expect freshly styled hair to maintain volume and withstand humid temps? We love these hairsprays for beating the Southern heat.


Few Southern women leave the house without applying makeup—or at least swiping on lipstick or a coat of mascara. A fully stocked collection of makeup is sure to be either displayed on the counter or given its own drawer.

Skin Care Regimen

Southern women are loyal devotees to their skin care regimens—from a trusted makeup remover to a deep cleanser to a revitalizing moisturizer. There may be multiple steps to the face-washing process, but we've learned that you can't take shortcuts when it comes to healthy skin care.

Shower Cap

Shower caps are kept on hand for days when a shampoo isn't necessary and a blowout needs to be preserved when hopping in the shower.

Baby Powder

Our grandmothers swear by baby powder for managing sweat. It can also be used for eliminating grease from day-old hair.

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Every Southern woman has a signature scent—or two. Better yet, pretty perfume bottles can be arranged on a vanity for an added element of decor.

Bubble bath

Wind down after a stressful day with a soothing bath. Make your own bath bombs for a colorful soak in the tub.

Mani-pedi tools

For the days when a trip to the nail salon just doesn't fit into the schedule, you can always treat yourself to an at-home mani-pedi. Pick up some tools from the pharmacy, and try one of our favorite nail polish shades.