Woman applying lipstick
Credit: George Marks/Stringer/Getty Images

We've learned some of our best beauty advice from all of you over the years. And we also stole a few from our favorite Southern ladies in Louisiana. As Truvy Jones once said: "There's no such thing as natural beauty." But real, authentic, natural beauty, can look and feel and mean something different to everyone. Beauty is personal. For example:

  • "According to mom, you should never have a tan and always buy whatever bright, limited-edition lipstick Chanel has at the counter." –Barbara Williamson
  • "Always wear a smile—you will look and feel better and make others feel the same way." –Joy Raine
  • "Momma said ‘if you must go out without making up your face, for heaven's sake, slap some color on your lips!' And I always do." –Marjorie Shanks
  • "Match your style to your lifestyle—dress your age, stay classic, and pop in some color."–Peggy Brewer

Those are just a few pearls of your wisdom. We want to hear more from you. What's the best advice you've ever received? What's the one product you could never live without? Who is your beauty icon? Answer a few questions here.