It's complicated.

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There are many sides to a Southern woman. She's kind and fiery with undeniably charming top notes. She loves putting on her Sunday best, but also craves rolling up her sleeves and getting elbows-deep in some of the South's best barbecue. She'll bless your heart, but have some choice words if you dare throw Mama so much as a half-second side eye.

Just like a Southern woman, there's no one word that perfectly embodies Guerlain Shalimar. This iconic fragrance is spicy and sweet and utterly classic. The story behind the fragrance, though, is almost more enchanting than the fragrance itself. In 1925, Jacques Guerlain found himself inspired by a love story spanning continents and centuries. What Guerlain went on to create was one of the most timeless fragrances in history. It's all at once light, citrusy, rich, and warm but, most importantly, it's the scent of our mothers and grandmothers.

Southern women are a nostalgic breed. We can instantly go back in time with just one waft of sweet jasmine or even the slightest hint of rain in a summer afternoon breeze. So, while our modern budget may not allow for spending three digits on a quarter-ounce bottle of Shalimar, we will instantly be drawn to the lady in every crowd who has on a spritz or two of this beloved fragrance. Suddenly, we're perched beside our mother's vanity as she gives herself one last look in her tri-fold mirror. But, before she leaves for her night out, she'll give herself the finishing touch: one light dab of Shalimar Guerlain.

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