Ever wished you could try on a lip color before your clicked to buy online? Now, you can.

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Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in Pirate
| Credit: Robbie Caponetto

If you're a girl of the 90's, you might also have the memory of ripping open a birthday gift to find a virtual makeover CD-ROM game. The fun began by popping the shiny round CD into the family computer's disc drive, then you waited a solid 30 minutes for it to download before finally scanning in your photo. Once it's working, you could try out new hair colors and eyeshadow shades that would never be mom-approved in real life. It merited hours upon hours of quality entertainment. Now that you're grown up, you might not think you need computer-generated makeovers anymore. But we're here to say: think again. Not only have time and technology done this tool a solid, they've actually taken it from playtime and put it to work.

The proof is in Sephora's new virtual makeup try-on tool. Imagine taking a Snapchat selfie with a face-altering filter on "turned on." Only instead of fluffy white bunny ears and a cute little pink nose, you get real lip colors—that you can promptly add to your digital cart—along with a variety of eyelash styles fixed on. Okay, we know what you're thinking—the color shown on the screen looks nothing like the real version. On the contrary, it does! Click on a red liquid lipstick, and rather than getting cartoonish cherry red lips plastered on your mouth, you'll get a tint on your natural lips that shows what the real shade will look like on your skin tone. Considering we're using e-commerce more and more, it's about time we find a way to test cosmetics from home so you can confidently order online. Give it a shot. And if you find you're not happy with what you've ordered, Sephora's return policy comes to the rescue. Just return, no questions asked. What do you have to lose?