Shoppers Swear By This "Airbrush" Leg Product for Concealing Spider Veins, Stretch Marks, Bruises, and More

“I haven’t revealed my legs in shorts or skirts in decades until I discovered this lotion.”

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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs
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It should go without saying that you're allowed to wear whatever you want anytime. But this is especially true during the hottest days of summer when the heat is out to play—and in the South, we don't hide from the heat. We head out on the porch and salute it with a cocktail and small-town gossip. Unsurprisingly, shorts and skirts are practically imperative around these parts.

For anyone who has ever thought twice about putting on something that hits above the calves due to spider veins, bruises, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, or anything else, there is no reason to fret. One product has helped shoppers across the Internet feel good about breaking out the breezy bottoms, especially for those who want to smooth and blur anywhere on the body. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is here to melt away any unnecessary anxiety.

Like a cross between body makeup and self-tanner, this product can help reduce the appearance of unwanted marks or blemishes that users would prefer to keep concealed. It comes in different shade options, so that you can customize the level of color that you get along with the coverage. You can go with something close to your natural skin, or you can opt for a shade that adds a little extra tanned glow. It's available in four shades: Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep. The formula is also meant to dry down into a water- and transfer-resistant finish, which makes it ideal for outdoor use when sweat or water might be involved, such as a sports game or beach day.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs
Sally Hansen

SHOP IT: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs; $10.99;,

It's important to note that while shoppers say not to expect completely full coverage on all varicose veins, scars, marks, and more, they do note that the product makes a noticeable difference in concealing, blurring, and adding glow to the skin. If improvement in appearance and confidence is desired, this lotion offers a special touch. "I haven't revealed my legs in shorts or skirts in decades until I discovered this lotion," says one Amazon reviewer.

Say goodbye to skirt-induced stress, and hello to Daisy Duke freedom.

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