Is Ballet Slippers about to be dethroned?

By Maddy Zollo
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Queen Elizabeth Waving

Ever since Meghan Markle officially became the Duchess of Sussex, we keep hearing about all the palace rules she's breaking. From wearing a berry lip (the horror!) to rocking dark nail polish, her blatant disregard for protocol is rumored to be causing a stir within the palace. While the tabloids can't stop roasting the royal, we're left wondering if the Duchess is really in the wrong or being unfairly criticized… if only Emily Post had released an official etiquette guide for royalty!

Meghan Markle 2018 BAFTA
Credit: Jeff Spicer/BFC/Getty Images

However, according to an article from Town & Country, the liberties Meghan is taking, namely with her manicure and pedicure colors, are not, in fact, breaking from tradition. ‘Royal Protocol' only refers to a code of conduct and etiquette for state occasions, so it has nothing to do with style and beauty choices. Marlene Koenig, a historian and writer of the blog ‘Royal Musings,' told T&C that there are no books or rules about what polish shade a royal can wear. She elaborated: "And of course, the Duchess of Sussex is not the first royal to wear dark nail polish. Diana wore it, Catherine's worn it. Royals around the world have worn it. I think the tabloids are just so fixated on picking something out because they know it'll be clicked, and they don't take the time to research."

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So where did this idea that royals can only wear neutral shades come from? We're guessing it started with Queen Elizabeth II. As we've reported, the Queen only wears Essie's Ballet Slippers, so throughout her sixty-seven years as England's reigning monarch, the public has become accustomed to an understated royal manicure. It's also been said the Queen prefers others to embrace neutral polish shades (she deems brighter shades or fake nails "vulgar"), which is why many family members shy away from notice-me hues. But that's not saying it doesn't happen from time to time as Koenig noted. Princess Diana was seen sporting red fingertips during her marriage to Prince Charles, and even Duchess Kate has shown off a deeper colored pedi.

Princess Diana Red Nails
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This leads us back to Meghan wearing a burgundy shade on her fingertips and toes: Basically, her nail color choices are nothing to get into a tizzy about — even if Queen Elizabeth II doesn't fully approve. What do y'all think of her polish preferences? Are you Team Ballet Slippers or Team Burgundy?