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RMS Bronzer
Credit: Instagram @rmsbeauty

We like to believe there are shades of nuance in all things from political positions to musical taste, even pimento cheese preference, but with bronzers, there are but two paths: shimmery and orange or matte and brown.

While some of our friends can get away with them, most of us, without makeup artist-precision, end up looking like sun-kissed clowns or like we just drove down a dirt road in an ATV. This is precisely the reason why RMS Beauty's Buriti Bronzer has transformed our lives. Not only is it the perfect shade of siena, it also has an iridescent sheen rather from incredibly fine mica particles instead of glitter. Once applied it looks glowy, not glittery.

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But the best part may be the packaging. While some formulas come in walkman disc player-sized compacts, pump bottles that will inevitably leak all over your suitcase, or jumbo sized sticks that always get separated from their cap much like the markers they resemble, this comes in a portable pot. It's so small, one of our editors even throws it in the pocket of her dress when she wants to go purse-free during the day.

In conclusion: a glowy, hydrating, perfectly balanced, sheer shade of tan truly suitable for a range of skin tones that instantly makes you look like you came back from a Gulf beach getaway? Add to cart.