No more flying under the radar, baby lashes.
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Listen up: There's a bargain beauty buy you need to know about, and it clocks in under $7. It brings a heavy dose of long and fluttery lashes without a hint of clumping and it's all thanks to a fluffy brush that's packed with 252 bristles that coat even the teensiest lash. Revlon's So Fierce! Mascara is my new drugstore thrill and, once you start swiping, I'm fairly convinced it will be yours too. BUY: Revlon So Fierce! Mascara; $6.75;

Revlon So Fierce! Mascara
Credit: Amazon

Do you ever get in a mascara rut? You know, when you're using the same formula with lackluster results and begin to think that it's actually doing its job—that is, until you try one that's truly remarkable and can finally toss out that imposter? I go through this process at least a few times a year, which is mostly just a side effect of working as a beauty editor and seeing countless tubes cross my desk that promise out-of-this-world length, volume, and separation. Now, do most deliver on these promises? I would say about 50% are good enough to stick around in my rotation, but I have a bad habit of hanging on to things that are no good for me. The problem there is that I end up reaching for said products when the good ones inevitably run out, which catapults me into a cycle of peering into the mirror wondering what's off. I recently found myself in this common (to me) conundrum, but I didn't realize it until Revlon's So Fierce! made its way to my bathroom counter. One swipe and I was brought out of my mediocre mascara haze.

It comes in three shades Black, Blackened Brown, and the shade I use, Blackest Black. As you might imagine with the aforementioned 252 bristles, the brush is substantial, but in a manageable way that still allows for precise lower-lash application. It does a fairly good job of curling, though I prefer to get an extra boost from my lash curler. From there, it's just one coat—maybe two if my lashes are looking for a little extra attention—and I'm good to go.

For the lower lashes, I hold the wand vertically and gently sweep it across the line. I find the lower lashes helpful in deciphering a good mascara. That's where you'll see the most obvious shortcomings since even the smallest clumping or transferring will be front and center.

Typically, it's the mascara brush that holds the most weight as far as efficacy goes. The shape, bristle type, and angle can affect all those aspects we love to talk about when it comes to mascara (lifting, lengthening, volumizing, separating), but the formula within the tube is nothing to disregard. In the case of So Fierce!, an infusion of lash-powering polymers and rice-bran waxes plays sidekick to that wonder brush. It's icing on the cake.