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Finding a good eyeliner isn't too tricky. There are some great options to choose from that swipe on like butter and stay put even when allergies, humidity, or a sudden Southern squall hit, but the trick is to find one that doesn't give you a hint of hesitation when it's time to restock. The kind that doesn't cause you to pause and think about the five overpriced lattes you might be able to get in its place, or the fact that it clocks in around the same price as your favorite retinol—which is just about as close as any antiaging product has come to necessity status. Well what if we told you there was a drugstore liner out there that delivers and at less than $6 a pop? It's Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner and it's America's number one long-wear eyeliner for good reason. BUY IT: $5.97;

There's something to be said about the precision a liquid liner can provide, but when it comes to our comfort zone, a traditional pencil liner is where it's at. It's a bit more forgiving of hands that aren't as steady, and it's meant to blend and smudge for a more natural look. ColorStay's pencil is a bit of a hybrid. It's mechanical, which means you can skip the pencil shreds (win!), though the blender at the opposite end pops out to reveal a tiny sharpener just in case you want a real pinpoint of color. You'll only be using the tool on the tip, which means no shredding or excessive twisting. Just turn it around the end once, then pop the sharpener back into the pencil and you're good to go forth and line.

What's important when finding a good eyeliner, above the staying power, is one that goes on smoothly—no dragging. When you find a product that can make it across your lid in one fell swoop, you know you've found a winner. Once again, liquid liners are MVPs with that task, but of the pencils out there, ColorStay glides on like a champ. The color is impactful—no need to retrace your line or scribble that pencil back and forth on your poor eyelid. If you're ever using a pencil that doesn't seem to be doing its job, just toss it. It's either dried out or not the pencil for you—regardless, you need to move on.

One more thing: You probably don't need an eyeliner to last for 24 hours, but Revlon is here just in case. Their waterproof formula won't budge until you're ready to give it the heave-ho.

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner
Credit: Revlon

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil

It comes in eight long-wear shades. At a price like this, we might go ahead and buy the whole bunch.

BUY IT: $5.97;,