It's an iconic Revlon shade featured in the show

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If you've watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, you know the show has great style—and it's not just the pillbox hats and jewel-toned overcoats, though they've inspired many a fan to add some midcentury flair to their closets. No, it's not just the clothes, it's also the makeup. From the saturated lip colors to the shiny red nail polishes, the show is full of inspiration for your makeup bag. If you're looking to add some Mrs. Maisel flair to your routine, look no further than the drugstore, because there you'll find a lipstick that Midge recommends by name.

In Episode 5 of Season 1, Miriam ‘Midge' Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) finds herself marching into B. Altman's, a department store where she's hoping to find a job as an elevator operator. The scene bustles along to sounds of Tony Award-winner Sutton Foster singing "I Enjoy Being a Girl" until Midge's elevator-operator hopes are dashed. Afterwards, she wanders through the store's sales floor, where glass-topped display cases are filled with gleaming compacts, perfume bottles, and tubes of lipstick. She overhears a conversation between a salesperson (Mary, played by Erin Darke) and a customer, who are chatting about lipstick:

"I guess I can just stick with red. Can't go too wrong there."
"You can try a dark pink lipstick, too. That might work better with the pink you picked for your rouge."
"Please, I just worked up the courage to wear red in a vain attempt to look like Leslie Caron in Gigi."

Midge chimes in, "Red works great with pink, and it's terrific with your complexion. You have some natural rosiness. Just make sure to pick a tone that doesn't augment that too much. Keep it subtle." Solid beauty advice, no? Midge points out two classic Revlon lipsticks: "That's Raven Red. Try Cherries in the Snow. That'll get you close to Caron." Midge successfully sells three tubes of the latter to the customer, and the interaction gives Midge her next big idea. She marches back upstairs with a proposal: "How about the makeup counter?"

When it comes to this shade, it's not just Midge who's a fan. Countless others have fallen for Cherries in the Snow over the decades following its launch in 1953, which has cemented its place as one of the most iconic lipsticks of the century.

You can find your own tube of Cherries in the Snow—also known as Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 440—at your local drugstore. (You can also pick it up at Target or order it from Amazon.) It's a timeless, universally flattering shade that's suitable for every day. One swipe reveals a lovely pinky red with both depth and vibrancy, the hue landing somewhere between fuchsia and magenta. The shade is also available as a nail polish.

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As for Raven Red, the other Revlon lipstick Midge mentions, it's a deep, wearable burgundy. The lipstick launched in 1945 and was since discontinued, but you can still track down the shade in nail polish form via Amazon.

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Are these iconic Revlon shades already in your makeup bag, or will you pick them up to add some Mrs. Maisel flair to your makeup routine this season?