And it doesn't involve Pond's Cold Cream.

By Patricia Shannon

Sure, some of her ideas might sound a bit outlandish, but there's an element of truth to all of her beauty wisdom. That's why we've adopted (and now swear by) the mantra of treating one's beauty products like produce. In a word, if you're not already refrigerating your favorite makeup and skin care, you should—and here's why.

For Skin Care That Soothes on Contact

We'll start with the basics of our skin care routine: moisturizers. Chilled moisturizer is the fastest way to reduce redness, soothe irritation, and generally calm down the sensitive skin on your face and around the eyes. Massaging your skin with a cold balm or lotion is downright spa-like. Try it with your toner, serum, and, of course, aloe gel, for the same effect.

For Fragrance That Lasts

Preserve the scent of your perfume by keeping it in the refrigerator, just be sure it doesn't get too chilly or else the fragrance can start to break down. While many of us have kept our perfumes perched on our bathroom vanity for years, it turns out that moist, warm environment is one of the worst places for those pretty little bottles. Instead, opt for a cool, dark refrigerator to help increase their shelf life.

For Preserving Makeup

Other products you might want to consider refrigerating include nail polishes and lipsticks. We're not so sure that your favorite ‘stick will glide on as nicely when it's fresh out of the fridge, but it will preserve tubes that you're not yet ready to use. We've even heard of women keeping their eyeliner in the refrigerator to help them get a super-straight, thin line when applying.

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What beauty product did we leave off the list? If you're not a fan of refrigerating your beauty products, share with us one crazy sounding beauty trick your Southern mama passed on to you.