I've Tried Hundreds of Eyeshadow Palettes, And These Fully Recyclable Ones Are the Best Yet

If y’all are still using talc, you need to see what the FDA found in it. 

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My desk is a mishmash of beauty products, which I personally excuse as part of the job—as a beauty e-commerce writer, knowing about the Internet's best beauty products is a requirement. And in the throes of COVID-19, to balance makeup with the reality of mask-wearing, I dove deep into eye makeup. After testing hundreds of eyeshadow palettes, I've finally settled on one I love best: PYT Beauty's just-launched Upcycle Eyeshadow Palettes.

If you're not familiar with PYT Beauty, the brand's a star in the clean beauty world. Ever since learning about the far-reaching fertility impacts of household products, I've made a concerted effort to push certain ingredients out of my beauty routine; compound that with the FDA's discovery of asbestos in almost 20 percent of the cosmetic talc it tested in 2020, and my search for eye makeup without cringe-inducing ingredients took on all the more urgency.

So when PYT Beauty offered me an exclusive trial of its revamped line of talc-free makeup, I hopped at the chance to get my hands on it. Its 12-shadow palettes come in four variations, each a majority of work-appropriate matte neutrals sprinkled with eye-catching shimmers. (Although I must say, my around-the-house favorites are the fun blues in the cheekily named "Party in the Nude" palette. Sometimes, I just want to feel like The Rainbow Fish.)

Courtesy of brand
Courtesy of brand

Buy It: $28; pytbeauty.com

In the early days of clean beauty, it was common for color payoff to be disappointing. That couldn't be farther from the truth for PYT, whose shadows deliver a pigmented wash of color in one swipe; they get even more concentrated if you use your fingers. Fans of Urban Decay's original Naked palette will love the Warm Lit Nudes ultra-classic range (updated with a sparkling gold and trendy mustard to add some spice), while the Rowdy Rose Nude is my go-to for looking presentable in five minutes.

No less impressive is the Wingman Liquid Liner, which stands up to mainstream eyeliners with inky, precise, and long-lasting definition. The brand's revamped Swipe Right 12-Hr Mascara also goes head-to-head with the best mascaras out there, creating a long sweep of lashes that doesn't smudge or flake. My last go-to was Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High—and when something unseats Maybelline in the makeup bag, you know the results are serious. And since I have supremely oily eyelids, the Baby Got Base eyeshadow primer is now a must for me pre-eyeshadow, especially in muggy weather.

Courtesy of brand

Buy It: $18; pytbeauty.com

Courtesy of brand

Buy It: $16; pytbeauty.com

Beyond the brand's excellent formulas, its commitment to sustainability is admirable. All of its packaging is made from post-consumer resins, and its tubes are made with sugarcane-based plastic. The material has a 0 percent plastic footprint, and the transition from virgin plastic will mean PYT Beauty will emit up to 77 percent less carbon emissions—a feel-good perk for feel-good makeup.

Courtesy of brand
Courtesy of brand

Buy It: $14; pytbeauty.com

The eyeshadow palette in particular is the first of its kind, fully recyclable thanks to the lack of metal hinges. Just pop out the pans and toss the palette in the recycling bin when you're done (but given the generous pan sizes, this thing is going to last you). For even more clean beauty, the brand's also welcoming new lip glosses, tinted lip balms, face primer, brow gel, and setting spray — the latter of which smells like a flower garden at the height of spring.

Everything is $28 and under, making for a Christmas-in-April Earth Month. Between the phenomenal quality and blissfully worry-free formulas, PYT Beauty's latest makeup is well worth adding to your vanity.

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