The limited edition scent evokes the magic of the best bookstores.
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If you’d like to take the magic of your favorite bookstore with you wherever you go, you’re in luck. In addition to tote bags and t-shirts emblazoned with local bookshop logos, there’s another means by which you can enjoy a brush with a bookstore when you’re unable to visit in person. Powell’s Bookshop in Portland, Oregon, is releasing a fragrance inspired by bookshops. It’s the olfactory equivalent of wandering the stacks, and it sounds absolutely charming.

The limited edition fragrance from Powell’s Books has familiar notes of wood and violet, as well as biblichor, which refers to the distinctive smell of old books. Powell’s describes the fragrance in this way: “Like the crimson rhododendrons in Rebecca, the heady fragrance of old paper creates an atmosphere ripe with mood and possibility. Invoking a labyrinth of books; secret libraries; ancient scrolls; and cognac swilled by philosopher-kings, Powell’s by Powell’s delivers the wearer to a place of wonder, discovery, and magic heretofore only known in literature.” They promise that it will make you “smell like a million books,” which is indeed a treat for book lovers—and would make a wonderful gift. Powell’s fragrance comes packaged in box resembling a hardback book, which means you could easily slip it onto a bookshelf for a lovely holiday surprise.

If you’re missing your favorite bookstore due to the ongoing pandemic, a bookshop-inspired fragrance might be just what you need. Powell’s says, “This scent contains the lives of countless heroes and heroines. Apply to the pulse points when seeking sensory succor or a brush with immortality.” The fragrance is currently available for pre-order from

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