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By Patricia Shannon
Pinterest Skin Tone Feature
Credit: Courtesy Pinterest

Pinterest just made it even easier to get sucked into hours of searching, pinning, and exploring with the launch of their latest functionality, a tool that gives Pinners the ability to refine their hair and beauty inspiration by skin tone range.

You know that insatiable appetite you have for finding new hair color trends, cut styles, and eye-makeup tutorials? Well, it turns out you're not alone. According to Omar Seyal, Head of Discovery Product at Pinterest, the scope of beauty-related pins that pepper the virtual inspiration board is in the millions—8 million to be exact. With so many eyes on the app's beauty content, it likely comes as no surprise that there's also plenty of feedback to go around.

The Pinterest team listened to the voices of their loyal tribe, which in turn allowed one resounding theme to surface. "We would hear from Pinners that search results weren't as inclusive, and that's not something any of us want," said Seyal.

It seems the Pinterest team was tapping into something much bigger: the issue of diversity in beauty, or lack thereof. Seyal and his team jumped into a yearlong process of discovery and development that culminated in yesterday's beta launch of the skin tone functionality, a tool that will hopefully be another force in the mission for increased inclusiveness in the industry.

According to Seyal, the new tool brings personalized pins to the user with just a click. "Now, as you search for beauty ideas on Pinterest, like lipstick or eye shadow ideas, palettes will appear below the search bar. Just give a palette a tap to narrow down your search by a skin tone range."

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While skin tone is only one aspect of trait-based personalization, Seyal and his team decided it was the best place to start. Now, not only will users be able to more easily find what they're looking for, they'll have more relevant inspiration than ever before. The tool is by no means perfect, but it does have the right idea. We'll just consider our new hair color inspiration, icing on the cake.