If there's one thing that all of our Southern Beauty Icons can agree on, it's that a strong brow is the foundation of a Southern beauty routine. Brows are surprisingly easy to get wrong in your makeup routine—but here, Birmingham-based bloggers at Irrelephant show you how to get perfect eyebrows.

First, check the shape of your brows to see if you need to do any additional shaping by aligning the inner edge of each eyebrow with the edge of your nose, using the long end of a makeup brush as your guide. Then, tilt your brush and angle it towards the outer edge of each eyebrow, aligning it with your nose and the corner of one eye. Finally, check where the arch of your eyebrows falls—it should curve directly above the corner of your mouth (use your makeup brush to check this, as well).

Now you’re ready to move on to the next stage of your perfect brow routine. Use a special brow brush (found at most beauty supply stores and drugstores) to get rid of any stray hairs, and then line the bottom of each eyebrow with brow liner to the desired length. Then, fill in each eyebrow with a powdered matte eye shadow in a shade that matches your hair. Set your handiwork with brow gel, and give each brow one more quick brush. If you like, you can also add a finishing touch by brushing concealer above and below each brow—this will act as a highlighter, to show off your brow’s shape.

Whether you use a high-end brow pencil or an inexpensive tube of gel from a discount beauty store, getting strong, statement eyebrow doesn't have to be difficult. Follow this makeup tutorial for a natural brows that frame your eyes and make your features pop.

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