The Inspiration Behind Erin Wexstten's Plant-Based Brand Oxalis Apothecary

At New Orleans’ Oxalis Apothecary, every product is lovingly crafted by hand.

Erin Wexstten of Oxalis Apothecary
Photo: Emily Ferretti

When a dream jobin fashion didn't fulfill Erin Wexstten like she'd expected, she began considering other options. "I was asking myself, 'What do I love? Who am I at the core of my being?' " she says.

She kept coming back to the value of a routine. "Not a day went by that my mom didn't wash her face and apply serum and moisturizers," says Wexstten. "[She taught me], 'This is the most important step of the day. You must take care of your skin!' "

In 2015, after two years of experimenting, Wexstten launched the plant-based brand Oxalis Apothecary (instagram: @oxalisapothecary). Less than a year later, she moved from New York to New Orleans, where she and her team make each product by hand. "It's such an intimate experience to take care of yourself," says Wexstten. "I want people to feel looked after and know that they matter. This moment in their day is just for them. Who knew skin care could be so sentimental? But it is for me."

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