RIP, bad beauty trends.
Outdated Trends
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What's old is, invariably, new again—except with these trends. While some beauty looks (like a classic red lip) never go out of style, the cycles of fashion and beauty come and go quickly, often when we're least expecting it. Lately we've noticed that a few long-forgotten beauty trends are back in full force—tawny lipsticks and cat-eye liner come to mind. However, there are a few trends that are, we hope, gone forever.

Like ghosting a toxic friend, we had to remove these practices from our days (and our beauty routines) forever. While we fully believe and practice the philosophy "to each their own," we think these outdated beauty practices (dare we say, mistakes?) have taught us a few lessons, one of which is is: All things in moderation—unless it's terrible, in which case, even moderation is far too much.

Tending Too-Thin Brows

We're currently relearning the joys of full brows and their face-framing effects. That's why, if we have the choice, we're going to tend our brows with a light hand. And if we're dealing with thin brows to begin with, we're going to grab some volumizing products to subtly boost our look.

Painting Too-Pale Foundation

Goodbye ghostly complexions! Testers are our friends. We've found our ideal shade matches, and we're never ever going back. (To find yours, try the foundation on your jawline, cheek, and neck—not your hand! Then check out the rest of our no-fail foundation tips.)

Spending Time in Tanning Beds

No way, y'all. We've learned the hard way that 1. Sunscreen is essential, and 2. Excessive UV rays cause serious damage.

Working Against Natural Hair Texture

The days of ironing your hair with the Black & Decker (and getting tangled in the cord in the process) are over. We're embracing natural textures, waves, curls, and thicknesses. Making the most of what we have is so much more fun than trying to make it something else entirely.

Overloading Blush

While we love a dose of contouring color, too much blush can sometimes make us look like we've spent too much time in the sun (see outdated trend number 3). The heavy blush trend is long gone because, instead of gaining the brightening, flushing effects of the product, too much of it can end up looking overdone and unhealthy. (If you're veering toward overload, use your base brush—and the leftover foundation on it—to even out your look.)

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What beauty trends are you so happy to say goodbye to? (Moment of silence for blush-overload trend of wayward decades past.)