Now you can use this salon-level hair mender at home.

By Hannah Hayes
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Olaplex Hair Treatment
Credit: @olaplex

Hailed with the kind of enthusiasm reserved for human inventions like Google or sliced bread, Olaplex has changed the way women color their hair forever since it came on the scene just a few short years ago.

Hair color shifts like going from chocolate brown to platinum, once thought to be as reckless as jaywalking across an Atlanta highway at rush hour, are now a regular occurrence thanks to the Olaplex's ability to keep hair intact and healthy during even the most extreme shade changes. It's all very science-y, but the formula heals hair on a molecular level, patching up and bonding damaged spots almost like using extra dough and water for a pie crust.

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Previously, Olaplex was only available in salons, but now the brand has introduced a version of its hair mender for consumers, which means you can save your hair from just about any disaster all from the comfort of your own personal shower. Bonus: You don't have to have color-treated hair to use it either, and it works on any texture and type from pin-straight to naturally curly.

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector isn't to be confused with a conditioner. Instead, it's applied almost like a mask for 10 minutes (or more if your hair is seriously fried) to towel-dried damp hair before your regular shampoo and conditioner routine. Whether you let your hair air dry or blow it out afterwards, the difference is nothing short of a Miracle on 34th Street. Even if you thought your hair was pretty healthy, one use of Olaplex reveals hair that is bouncing, behaving, and smooth like an air-hockey table.

While $28 for a 3.5 fluid ounce bottle isn't the kind of bang for your buck we typically endorse, this results are worth it, especially if you're wanting to keep your hair healthy while you grow it out or use heat tools on the regular. Although it's recommended use is once a week for fresh color, the effects on non-treated hair seems to last longer, which makes a bottle go further too.

Whether you're looking for sleeker strands or your split ends resemble an old paintbrush, Olaplex won't only answer all your hair woes, but it might just make a lot more space in your bathroom cabinet.