I've Tried Tons of Pricey Brow Products, But NYX's $8 Brow Glue Is the One I'd Take on a Deserted Island

It doesn't budge. Seriously.

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NYX Brow Gel
Photo: NYX Professional Makeup

No set of eyebrows are the same, and they love to remind us on a daily basis. When I zig, my brows zag. And while all I want is to slightly comb and set them into something that resembles a flattering arch, they don't seem so inclined, even with the best that the beauty counter has to offer. Luckily, full and bushy eyebrows have been quite on trend as of late; and for those wily ones, you need a really strong brow gel that doesn't let the hairs weigh down your arched masterpiece—which means there are way more options on the market now than there was when I was first embarking on my brow journey as a wee college girl.

If you've ever been on the hunt for the ultimate brow gel, chances are you've heard of the Anastasia Brow Freeze Styling Wax. It's able to set even the most unruly of brows into the perfect arch with just a flick of a spoolie brush, and believe me when I say, those brows aren't going anywhere. However, it's almost always sold out, and it clocks in at $23, which isn't appealing for some considering it doesn't even contain any pigment for filling in your brows. This brings me to what has quickly become my favorite drugstore makeup discovery in a long time: NYX's The Brow Glue. If I could only use one brow product forever, it would be this grail-in-the-making.

Not only does this clear brow-setting gel let you sculpt your eyebrows into literally any shape you want, but it has the same holding power of its more expensive counterpart at only a third of the price. In fact, I actually prefer it. Because Anastasia's Brow Freeze dries down too hard for my liking, making my brows feel like icicles. NYX's Brow Glue has a slightly more natural finish, but still won't budge all day long. Both offer a nice sheen to your brows, so for me it just comes down to texture. Since I regularly dye my own brows, this is usually the only product I need.

To apply, first simply use the small applicator to coat your brow hairs in enough product (I usually drag it back and forth to get a bunch of gel on there before sculpting). Then use the brush to shape and sculpt the brows until you're happy with how they look. A good rule of thumb is to brush them in an up-and-away motion towards the outside corners of your forehead. This lifts them up and makes you look more awake. After it dries, you can use a pencil or brow pen to fill in any holes.

You can shop the best-selling budget-friendly brow product below.

NYX Professional Makeup The Brow Glue

NYX Brow Gel
NYX Professional Makeup

The glue-like gel is non-sticky, transparent, and dries down to a natural-looking finish with 16-hour hold.

SHOP IT: $8; amazon.com, ulta.com

NYX Professional Makeup Lift & Snatch! Brow Tint Pen

NYX Brow Pen
NYX Professional Makeup

While we're at it, this new liquid brow pen (which appears and applies much like a liquid eyeliner) is great for creating super natural-looking hair strokes on the inner and outer edges of your brow where there might be sparse patches needing to be filled.

SHOP IT: $11; walmart.com

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