Tired of your typical shade? Branch out with these boutique brands.

By Southern Living Editor
Odeme Nail Polish
Credit: Blush Flowers

On your list of things to switch up, your standard pink nail polish likely isn't one of them. It probably ranks with your laundry soap or nonstick skillet on items you've given a second thought to reconsidering, but when it comes to cost-benefit analysis of nail polish, the stakes associated with branching out are low.

That's why we're here with five nude shades, appropriate for everything from closing a deal at the office to all those summer weddings coming up in June. And if you're thinking we're about to suggest Essie's Ballet Slippers to you, don't stop reading. After searching and testing, we've found boutique brands that not only boast the kinds of shades you won't see at big box stores, but also formulate their lacquers so you don't have to apply endless coats.

Odeme Nail Polish in Maharani

The packaging of Odeme's polishes could easily play a part in a Wes Anderson flat lay shot. While the bottle and gold-embossed paper box might suggest a designer price tag, at $12 each, you can afford to take a chance on more than one color. Maharani is more of a melon pink than a salmon for a tamed tropical vibe.

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J. Hannah Himalayan Salt

Jewelry designer Jess Hannah created a line of polishes to compliment the rings and bracelets she handmakes in her Los Angeles studio. While her Agnes shade with more of a blue-toned based is also a favorite of ours, Himalayan Salt has a warmer hue that won't clash with colorful summertime outfits.

[tempo-ecommerce src="https://www.nordstrom.com/s/space-nk-apothecary-smith-cult-nailed-lacquer/4601382" title="Smith and Cult Ghost Edit" context="body"]

The lightest shade of the bunch, Smith and Cult's Ghost Edit, a sheer blush, is our go-to for wedding season for its ability to pair with any ensemble. Layered with their Above It All topcoat, your color won't chip for a week.

[tempo-ecommerce src="https://www.jcrew.com/p/J6738?color_name=mauve-blush" title="Veque in Mauve Blush" context="body"]

Veque recently created six shades to match the colors of J. Crew's new intimates line, a collection of practical but pretty bras and panties. We're partial to wearing the Mauve Blush, rosey with a subtle tinge of lavender, both as a polish and underpinning.

Tenoverten in Catherine

From five-free to seven-free, all our selected shades are formulated without the harmful ingredients common in many mainstream polishes, but Tenoverten takes it to another nontoxic level, but leaving out eight. We're partial to the peachy pigmentation in Catherine.