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We're all about the latest facemask, double-duty cleanser, anti-aging eye gel, and must-have moisturizer. Our daily skincare routine is not something we take lightly, though there are two areas that many of us overlook without a second thought. We bet you already know what they are. Any guesses?

Your Neck

Nothing can give away your age quite as easily as your neck. Makeup and anti-aging products (not to mention cosmetic surgery, if you're so inclined) can hide a lot when it comes to our faces but, aside from a turtleneck or well-placed silk scarf, our necks aren't as easily camouflaged. That's why it's important to pay close attention to how you treat this area. Just as you lather up on the SPF before putting on your makeup each day, be sure you smear it on your neck as well. It's often just as exposed to the sun as your face but somehow goes neglected. The same can be said of your moisturizer and anti-aging serum or lotion. Apply your regimen to your neck with the same care that you use on your face and you could see noticeable results.

Your Hands

We put our hands through the ringer. Whether fingertips are clapping on a keyboard all day, hands are pulling weeds in midday sun, or arms are elbows-deep in hot water scrubbing away on dishes (we know, Mama would be appalled if she saw us without our kitchen gloves), our hands are always in need of some T.L.C. With all these daily damages, the biggest culprit to premature aging is, as we all know, the sun. One of the most common places we forget to apply sunscreen is our hands, which has a lot to do with why they tend to age faster than other areas. Be sure you're applying SPF all over exposed areas each day, but keep a small tube in your purse for reapplying after washing your hands. To turn back signs of aging, use an anti-aging treatment, like a serum, daily. Consult your dermatologist on the best option for you based on your concerns—whether it's dry patches, dark spots, or wrinkles. Finally, keep moisturizing. Hydrated hands help lock in your anti-aging treatment, allowing it to go to work and give you even better results. Oh, and you might want to listen to Mama and use those gloves the next time you're on dish duty.

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