Say goodbye to running mascara and blotchy foundation.

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Every Southern girl can relate to the feeling of sitting at an outdoor wedding in the summer with the sun beating down on her neck. It gets very hot in the region, especially come June and July, and traditional tricks for no-budge makeup don't always work out. When you're spending so much time outside, you need a makeup look that won't melt in the heat. This sweatproof beauty routine from Heather Brown at My Life Well Loved is great for those summer afternoons when you need reliable products to stay put all day long. And, you know it works – she opts for this look every day.

One of the keys to Heather's makeup is primer. She adds a primer before her foundation and her mascara, which keeps the products in place – even through her workout routine. "The point of using a primer is that you really want to just get a nice, clean base for your makeup to stick to," she says. Heather also opts for a primer that includes sunscreen, to protect skin against harmful rays that cause lines and sun damage. She then reaches for foundation, concealer, brow pencil, bronzer, blush, mascara, and a matte lip color – Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink in Ruler – and blends with translucent powder. Finally, she spritzes with setting spray: "It's gonna be a lightweight, nice way to just seal in your face; everything will stay set."

No matter how many products you have in your beauty routine, these sweatproof tips from My Life Well Loved can be applied for any gal that struggles with running mascara or sticky foundation in the Southern heat. Don't forget the primer, the SPF, the translucent powder, or the setting spray, and you'll be looking fresh-faced in even the sunniest of situations.