This $16 Foundation Brush Has Shoppers Getting Rid of Their Bacteria-Ridden Makeup Sponges For Good

"The best foundation brush I have ever owned."

Morphe Foundation Brush
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Long before the days of the makeup sponge, foundation brushes were the main character on the makeup applicator aisle. The process of blending your favorite foundation has since become flooded with options, between Beautyblenders, foundation brushes, silicone sponges, and even old-school powder puffs. So much so that the humble foundation brush no longer gets much appreciation. If you're a classicist in the beauty department, you might've been saddened by that particular coup. If not, you're probably fiercely dabbing on your Estée Lauder Double Wear with a hot pink squeegee and zero care in the world as we speak.

Nonetheless, we're here to say that makeup sponges aren't the only option or necessarily the best option. Beyond the fact that they can be breeding grounds for bacteria if not cleaned and replaced properly, makeup sponges typically work best when dampened before use, making them even more of a hassle in some shoppers' minds and also causing them to absorb a lot more of the liquid foundation. But, to be fair, brushes aren't always better, either. Some are too rough to help blend a smooth, flawless base and can leave behind streaks or damage the skin barrier. However, without doubt, there is one foundation brush out there that can convince even a makeup sponge devotee to put down the Beautyblender, and it's the Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush.

What makes this brush stand apart from the rest comes down to the shape and bristles. It's soft, full, and domed, which makes it great for buffing out foundation for an even, flawless finish. No questions asked, it's the hands-down best foundation brush on the market for getting that seamless airbrush finish, especially when used with fuller coverage foundations. The most convincing part? Shoppers and makeup artists cannot rave about it enough. Like, screaming.

First of all, Morphe is known for having next-level, affordable brushes for all purposes. With this brush in particular, many note that it's so good they've been happily in a committed relationship with it for years with no need to replace it: "I used my first one until it fell apart after 5 years. The best foundation brush I have owned, nothing else compares," one vows. Another says, "This brush perfectly blends out every foundation I have, from watery tints to sticks, and doesn't absorb much product. Really soft bristles and easy to clean, as well. I've been converted from a sponge gal to a brush one because of the M439!"

You can shop the brush and more top-selling Morphe products below. Hint: They all offer insane bang for your buck.

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Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush

Morphe Foundation Brush

To use a foundation brush, simply dab product onto your cheeks, chin, and forehead. (Alternatively, you can put a quarter-sized amount on your palm to work with.) Start blending out the foundation to cover your face, starting in the middle and working the product outwards to the perimeter of your face and neck. To buff for a smooth finish, stroke the brush in small circle motions as you work the product to cover your face. Clean once weekly with warm water and gentle soap cleanser for the most hygienic results.

SHOP IT: $16;

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Morphe Filter Effect Soft-Focus Foundation

Morphe Foundation

This recent foundation launch from the brand has been getting a huge response online for its pore-perfecting finish that rivals an Instagram filter.

SHOP IT: $20;

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Morphe Bake and Set Powder

Morphe Powder

While the all-over powder look couldn't be more out of style than acid wash jeans, this satiny loose powder is great for lightly dusting over your T-zone to set foundation and eliminate any shine.

SHOP IT: $12;

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Morphe Continuous Setting Spray

Morphe Spray

What makes this anti-caking, radiance-boosting setting spray a customer and makeup artist favorite is how it applies. The micro-fine mist comes out as one continuous spray to set your makeup to hold all day, rather than requiring you to pump big spritzes that make your face look and feel wet.

SHOP IT: $16;

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