The Latest Miss Dior Fragrance Will Instantly Transport You to a Field of Flowers in May

Missed the bluebonnets this year? Had to watch the cherry blossoms bloom virtually this go-around? Miss Dior Rose N'Roses has you covered.


Need a pick-me-up? How about a pretty little eau de toilette from a fragrance house that knows a thing or two about olfactory notes—if you know what we're saying. The latest darling of the Miss Dior dynasty is Miss Dior Rose N'Roses and she's just the hit of fresh florals we need this spring.

Two kinds of rose play nice to create the top notes here: Damascus and Grasse. In the middle comes a blend of citrus from bergamot and mandarin, which is where Miss Dior Rose N'Roses got me.

There's something about florals mixing with citrus that instantly puts my mind in summer mode. I consider it a product of my Florida childhood, a time and place where seasons did not exist. It's sweet and bold and everything that makes me want to romp around barefoot in the yard. Maybe the backyard though, I'm not sure what the neighbors would think.

White musk is at the base. It's designed to put an exclamation on the rose top notes, bringing out every last delicious bit of their scent.

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Because Rose N'Roses is an eau de toilette, it's much lighter on the intensity spectrum than a parfum or even an eau de parfum. Anyone else all about lighter and brighter fragrances for summer? Even in the evening, it's the fresh fruity florals I'm after. Let's blame it on the long days.

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