This Eyebrow Gel Gives Me Thick, Bushy Brows Just Like My Mom Had in the '80s

It stays on all day and won’t smudge.

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Photo: Courtesy of Merit Beauty

My mom used to tell me that fashion trends always come back in style. As a child, while standing in her closet looking at her menswear-inspired vests and high-waisted denim pants from the '80s, this was hard to believe. But now that I've been around long enough to see mom jeans, banana clips, scrunchies, and more formerly outdated trends reemerge, I have to say that Mom was right (as usual).

Now, I even find myself mimicking one of her signature beauty looks from the '80s: bold bushy brows. Pencil-thin eyebrows have once again given way to thicker, bushier brows, and I recently found one of the best brow gels for achieving this retro style. It's a volumizing brow pomade from a new beauty brand called Merit.

The product is aptly named Brow 1980, a nod to the decade that first brought us the furry brow, and let me tell you, it delivers. Available in three shades, the tinted pomade adds color and volume to brows for a naturally fuller look. Its vegan, mineral-based formula calls on vitamin B5 for flexibility and kaolin clay for subtle color. And unlike other brow gels, this one doesn't flake or smudge, even in humid summer weather.

You can apply the pomade with the included spoolie brush that's tapered for precision. I swipe it on with a few upward strokes following my natural arches as a final step in my makeup routine. Seemingly coating each individual hair, the gel darkens my brows and keeps my desired feathered look in place. And although it certainly makes a visible difference in the texture and color of my brows, it doesn't look over the top, which I, a makeup minimalist, appreciate.

So far, the brow pomade has racked up a few hundred positive reviews from shoppers who love how it amps up their makeup routines.

"This pomade is perfect for giving my brows definition and setting the shape without giving me a heavy look," one Merit customer wrote. "Takes two seconds to apply and holds all day," said another.

You can grab a tube of the volumizing eyebrow gel from Merit or Sephora for $24. It's a bit of a splurge for a beauty product, but just a little pomade goes a long way, so you shouldn't have to replace yours frequently. Order one today to get the 1980s-inspired brows of your dreams.

Brow 1980 - Merit
Courtesy of Merit

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