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I have a tumultuous relationship with mascara. (That may be putting it lightly.) I like to wear it, because if I don't, then my very blonde eyelashes are invisible, nearly translucent. For any definition at all, mascara is a necessity. However, it has proven nearly impossible to find a formula that stays all day, looks natural enough, doesn't irritate my eyes, and won't end up flaking or streaming down my face by 5 p.m. (Is that so much to ask?) This mascara journey has not been for the faint of heart; truly, I have tried them all.

My first experience with mascara ended in heartbreak. I fell hard for a mascara—perfectly volumizing and gentle on the eyes with the most fantastic, full brush—that was then discontinued six months later. I cannot accurately describe the despair I felt when I walked into Sephora to buy a replacement tube and learned it was gone for good. (Dear reader, I hope you never experience that loss. #RIPTarteLashHugger) I've never shaken that feeling, and even now just going to Target to browse the mascara selection can make me melancholy. It's been eight years since that mascara left me, and I still miss it. Such is the bond between a girl and her lashes.

Ever since, I've been looking for a mascara to fill the void. However, finding one that I actually like has proven to be a decade-long process, which is why I am always skeptical of new formulas. Recently, though, a gimmick lured me into trying Maybelline's newest mascara, and I am so glad I did. It's called Maybelline Total Temptation Washable Mascara, and I was curious to try it because, reportedly, it smells like coconut (a quirky, if not totally compelling reason, I know).


Y'all, it's good. It does smell like coconut, but that's not the best part. What has won me over is the classic combination of a great formula and a glorious wand. This drugstore mascara is gentle and longwearing, but it removes easily at the end of the day with one swipe of a great makeup remover. It's volumizing, lengthening, and defining—and not too clumpy. There's no irritation in sight for my sensitive eyes, so it's perfect for everyday wear. And the wand. Oh, the wand. I could wax poetic about the lush, full-bristled brush at the end of the Total Temptation wand, but I'll let you try it for yourself.

While I'll never fully get over losing my first favorite mascara, this one (and its reasonable drugstore price) is making the loss a little easier to bear.

Maybelline Total Temptation Washable Mascara
To buy: $7.99,

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What's your go-to drugstore mascara? Have you tried Maybelline's new Total Temptation formula? If you do, let us know how you like it!