Thin brows? Listen up

By Patricia Shannon
Mary Kay Volumizing Brow Tint
Credit: Mary Kay

My brows are sparse and not due to the over-tweezing responsible for the barely there brows of many of my fellow children of the late 80s. No, we had strict rules in our house where eyebrows were concerned, and that meant tweezers were off limits unless under strict supervision. My eyebrow woes are the result of genetics and one unfortunately situated chicken pox scar.

I've tried it all: powders, gels, pencils, and tinting. I've been seeing aestheticians specializing in brows (yes, they do exist) since the age of 19 and yet nothing has compared to my newest obsession—Mary Kay Volumizing Brow Tint.

It's packaged in a little tube, maybe half the size of a standard mascara. The applicator is similar to a mascara brush also, but tiny and with much shorter bristles. It comes in four shades: Blonde, Dark Blonde, Brunette, and Dark Brunette. I've been switching between Blonde and Dark Blonde depending on my mood—and probably more often whichever tube happens to be at the top of my makeup stash any given morning.

The tint basically clings to every wisp of brow hair, giving life to those gaze-framers with just a swipe or two. Many of the brow pencils I've tried do a great job of defining my brows, but they also have a tendency of pulling out a brow or two with each application—I can't afford that. Mary Kay's smart design helps fill in my brows without fear of losing even one of those precious little baby hairs.

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One helpful tip: You'll want to wipe the brush on the edge of the tube before each application to remove some of the excess product—a little bit goes a long way. After all, no one wants to blow through their favorite product at record speed, even if it does clock in at a smart $14.