Troubleshoot your tips.

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Woman Giving Herself Manicure
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There's nothing worse than a mani-mergency. A perfectly polished hand can go from beautiful to blah in seconds thanks to chipping, smudging, or an unhealthy base. However, a fingertip fail doesn't mean you need to immediately head back to the salon. We chatted with Gina Edwards, celebrity manicurist for Kiss Products, Inc. about ways you can mend your manicure at-home.

Oops, you… Smudged your polish

Whether you reached into your purse too soon or accidently hit your hand against something, disrupting a fresh coat of polish happens. "The best way to fix smudged nails is to dab a little nail polish remover on your nail then apply a clear coat immediately and allow to dry," says Edwards.

Oops, you… Broke or cracked a nail

There's actually a one-step solution: "Use KISS Fix It Up Silk Wrap Repair Kit. This kit contains all the tools needed to repair a chipped nail quick, including gel glue and dipping powder," explains Edwards.

Oops, your… Nails are yellow

Your fingers look fabulous when they're painted, but as soon as the nail polish comes off it's a different story. The easiest way to get rid of yellow tips is by gently buffing the nails' surface. "Then dip the nail in hydrogen peroxide mixture that is 1 part hydrogen peroxide, 3 parts water. Follow this up by dipping the nail in freshly squeezed lemon juice," says Edwards.

Oops, you… Didn't remove your gel properly

We've all been there: One nail's polish begins to chip off and before you know you've peeled off your entire gel manicure, leaving your fingertips in shambles. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do. Take a break from gels for a while and try to hydrate nails as much as possible. Try using a hand mask like Sephora's Aloe Vea Hand Mask next Nashville binge.

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Oops, you… Bite your nails

"The safe alternative way to stop such a bad habit is applying ImPRESS Press-On Manicure. It's a full cover polished nail the lasts up to 7 days," says Edwards. You can trim them down so they look like real nails, and there are lots of fun styles to choose from—they're so pretty you won't want to bite them off!

Oops, your… Polish is fading

The Southern sun and lots of dips in the pool can fade your fingertips fast. Use a top coat that protects against UV exposure (we like CND's Super Shiney Top Coat) while also upping your mani's shine factor.