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The world of beauty blogging knows no bounds. The world of beauty video blogging is equally as dense—there's some really great stuff out there, it's all about learning how to navigate the wild west of YouTube. However, it's super easy to get overwhelmed in the process. We're here to help.

Some of the most exciting voices in modern beauty vlogging are coming from our Southern backyards—and it makes sense. Where the cosmetic industry can feel intimidating and often over the top, nothing delights like hometown charm. We looked all across the region to find the best and brightest voices in the industry. Disclaimer: You might find yourself losing hours watching in-depth tutorials. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Breland Emory

Breland Emory hails from Louisiana and that identity comes across in really unique ways—she's known for making DIY makeup, once even using alligator meat for nail polish. Seriously!

Breland's eccentric energy is what will draw you to her—she even has an adorable name for her viewers, "Glitter Critters," after her YouTube handle of Glitterforever17.


Atlanta's Tiffany D is the perfect makeup guru for those looking to perfect casual, conservative looks—she's queen of all natural beauty, making sure to highlight existing features without going over the top. If you're new to makeup, or just not one to go wild with the stuff, she'll teach you how to make an impact while remaining true to yourself.

Nitraa B

Nitraa B lives in Cordova, AL and so much of her style reflects a certain Southern charm with Hollywood aspirations—from seasonal looks to neutral trends to cost-conscious tutorials, Nitraa goes above and beyond your traditional YouTube starlet. She'll show you what products are most affordable, how to get rid of acne…even how to put together a full ensemble: makeup, hair, clothes and all.

Lynnette Hernandez

If this Texas talent can teach us anything, it's the power of an impactful eyeshadow. Lynnette Hernandez spends her Dallas days doing full-face looks, but if anyone knows how to rock hot pink eyeshadow as a casual look and glitter green for Christmas, it's her.

Nicole Guerriero

Florida's Nicole Guerriero is no stranger to experimentation. Whether that means perfecting a sultry red lipstick look or doing a full face of makeup using products found in the kids' department, she's unafraid of going the extra mile. Her style tends to be very on trend, so if you're looking to update your makeup bag, Guerriero is a good person to follow.

Melissa Autry

Being an entertaining, endearing personality while educating your viewership on makeup is no easy task, but Melissa Autry excels at both. She's constantly high energy, making jokes and poking fun at herself while, you know, eloquently ranking lipsticks and letting you in on which blushes did not work for her. We love her honesty!

Laura Lee

Laura Lee recently relocated from her home in Alabama to Los Angeles, but as we all know: you can take the girl out of the South but you can't take the South out of the girl! Laura Lee's style varies, but we love her best when she does first impression videos of products not yet out on the market…or when she's using $5 makeup to make a fierce look.


The beauty industry, much like the fashion one, isn't the most welcoming to mature individuals. It's rare to see a beauty blogger in their 40s, let alone their 60s, but Tennessee's Mellissa55 is out to rid the biz of its stigma. Her glamour isn't just for those of a certain age—feeling and looking good is accessible to all.

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Casey Holmes

Casey Holmes is a sweet Georgia peach if we ever saw one! You'll be drawn in by her youthful charm, you'll stay for her endlessly beneficial advice on all products new and old. Oh, and sometimes she let's her boyfriend buy her makeup and documents the whole thing. Now that's bravery!


Austin's Leesha (better known as xsparkage on YouTube) recently caught our eye when she uploaded an eye tutorial inspired by Beauty and the Beast. If the world of video games is more your speed, she did one for Kingdom Hearts, too. Pop culture styles are hard to come up with—and even harder to do well. Leesha makes them work!