A darker gaze is anything but basic.

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Yes, blue and hazel eyes may be considered more exotic, but come on y'all, do they have a song dedicated to them? No ma'am. Unlike their fairer pupiled peers, brown-eyed girls can pull off just about any beauty look their little heart desires. No matter where you fall on the brown spectrum—from light chestnut to dark chocolate—the world is your oyster when it comes to your makeup bag. Don't believe us? Let makeup artist Julie Fredrickson explain all the ways you can play up those windows to your soul.

Embrace The Rainbow

With your eyelids that is. "Brown eyes are as universal as black," explains Fredrickson. "They have the most options of any eye color: From blues to greens to even pinks, they can make it work with the right color combination." Don't be afraid to experiment with more out-of-the–bow hues as well, since you may be surprised at how often you can pull them off. The simplest way to ease into a more statement color is with eyeliner. Once you're confident rocking a bolder color in liner form, try it out as an eye shadow.

Feel The Blues

Speaking of shadow, one of the prettiest ways to create contrast is with multiple shades of blue eye makeup. A navy smoky eye is seriously stunning paired with brown pupils. One bonus is that it sets you apart as well: "A brown-eyed woman can get away with a blue shadow whereas the blue-eyed girl is almost always going to look like an eighties trend pieces," says Fredrickson. If you're still worried that a dark blue smoky eye will look more bruised than beautiful, Fredrickson suggests elongating its shape: "You can add a little wing, creating length and play with a bit more depth and brightness by using a lighter shadow on the inner eye."

Just Say No To Brown Mascara

While mud is great on our boots and on the tires of our car, it's not so great when it comes to our eyelashes. "Never wear brown mascara—always black," advises Fredrickson. "Brown will make your eye area look muddy and give the impression that the colors are all running together."

Keep Your Brows Basic

Make sure the focus remains below the eyebrow area by simply filling your arches in with a product that matches their natural color. Overdoing it with pencil will compete with your gaze.

Find Your Perfect Lip Color

Lucky for you, most tubes of lipstick will look flattering on. However, the most foolproof plan is to choose a color that doesn't have blue or orange-y tones in it. "Go for one right in the middle. Stowaway's Cream Scarlet Lipstick is a true red that is easy to wear and very comfortable," suggests Fredrickson. "Other great options are MAC's Matte Lipstick in Mangrove is also a true red as is Sephora's house Matte in Wanted."