Take a peek inside your purse, and you may realize some beloved beauty products have long overstayed their welcome.

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Take a peek inside your purse, and you may realize some beloved beauty products have long overstayed their welcome. Makeup expiration dates should not be ignored. Just like bread gets moldy and milk goes sour, your beauty go-tos have a definite shelf life too. All good things must come to an end – even in the case of your favorite ruby red lipstick. Of course you can always reorder, unless the unthinkable happens .. the product discontinues. But we won’t speak of that.

Makeup expiration is easy to work around. Simply keep a list of your purchase date or reference the packaging. Outdated beauty products can be unsanitary and even dangerous. So here’s a quick and easy breakdown of everything you need to know. Fair warning: it might be time to say farewell to that 10-month-old mascara, even if it gets the job done.


Lipstick expiration happens in about two years, while lip glosses meet their limit in half that time. But if you’ve used the product when sick, it’s best to replace it immediately.


Long and luscious lashes aren’t worth the price of a gnarly eye infection. Toss the tool after about three months. Consider putting the item on manual reorder to avoid any mishaps. When the fresh tube shows up on your doorstep, you’ll know it’s time for the change. Mascara is known to harbor bacteria, so play it safe rather than sorry.

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If you’ve somehow not used the entire bottle after just a few months, congratulations. This product is good for two years, and it isn’t dangerous after that. Your signature scent may just fade into the background. Treat yourself to a new bottle.


Liquid concealer, blush, and highlighter are prone to gathering yeast and mold. They should meet the bin after about one year.


These beauty products are some of the most durable. Lasting about two years, powder-based bronzer, foundation, and eye shadow are a great investment. Keep a close watch on the eye shadow; the expiration date can vary depending on the brand.


Moisturizers and facial cleansers are safe to use for about one year, while serums should be replaced after six months because the active ingredients tend to lose their power.