One tube, 360 degrees of fringe benefits.

Mac Bold and Bad Lash Mascara
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There's nothing better than a really amazing mascara, y'all. Not only is it the perfect finishing touch for your smoky eye, but a few coats can also take your lash game from zero to 100 in an instant. But even the best tubes pose some issues when it comes to those baby bottom lashes. How many times have you taken the wand, tried to apply it as delicately as possible, and still ended up with smudged mascara underneath your eye? Likely a zillion.

Thanks to M.A.C.'s new Bold and Bad Lash Mascara those days of reaching for a Q-Tip to clean-up your lids are over. The dual-chambered tube offers two different brushes and two different formulations, making it easier than ever to get 360-degree coverage. The upper lash chamber is all about major volume. Its wand's thick and fluffy bristles are designed to add dramatic fullness to each lash, so you can leave the falsies at home. The lower eyelash brush, on the other hand, is much daintier. It's perfectly sized for those tiny, hard-to-reach lashes, and its formula delivers clump-free definition, making it a win/win for everyone.

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The mascara is hitting shelves June 8th, so it's arriving just in time for a summer. Trust us, this game changer will have you batting your lashes more than you ever thought was possible. Bless its bold and bad heart.