I Wear This $10 L'Oreal Paris Glow Enhancer Every Single Day—And I've Sold My Mom, Sisters, and Best Friends On It Too

Some shades are $6.64 right now.

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There are certain makeup products we all swear by, and this product is mine. I first purchased it two summers ago after stumbling upon it in the drugstore makeup aisle. At first, I was intrigued by the iridescent bottle, the affordable price point, and the generic claim that this product, somehow, would make my skin look luminescent.

At the time, I was new to the concept of a glow-y, dewy face after years of covering up with layers of matte bronzer and translucent powder. The idea of wanting my face to appear a little bit shiny? Well, that was a new thing to accept yet one that I was fully committed to, after being influenced by several coworkers-slash-beauty editors who'd told me the dewy face was the new way. Back then, I was so desperate to get my hands on the right product that I was willing to fork out $26 a bottle for a similar product on a beauty site that I shopped at solely to order the one product.

So you can imagine my willingness to throw a bottle of a promising drug store product in my basket when I saw it at some small-town Walgreens. Now, I've repurchased so many bottles—on Amazon, on Target runs, at my neighborhood drugstore—that I can't even remember where I was when I purchased that first bottle on a whim. But thank goodness I did because it's since replaced that $30 bottle of glow serum I was wasting my money on. Lesson learned, this $10 product is better.

loreal lumiglow

BUY IT: Starting at $6.64; amazon.com

Since finding my holy grail glow, dewy skin has become my go-to makeup look. And that's because of the L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer Lotion. It's perfect for a quick glow-up on makeup–free days and as a base layer under my everyday foundation. Plus, because of the more affordable price point, I feel like I am more liberal with my application, going heavy on days I want some extra glow and not shying away from throwing on a layer for a casual boat day or coffee run.

According to the product description, this ​​lotion "instantly hydrates and luminizes your skin for an all over, natural glow," adding that "this highlighting formula delivers an illuminating color tint to enhance your skin's natural glow." As a two-year loyalist, I can vouch that this claim rings true.

I drain my bottle daily, no matter my plans. On work-from-home days with few Zoom meetings, I squeeze out a quarter-size amount and rub it generously over my face and neck. It reduces redness in my face, minimizes dark spots, and makes my skin look and feel more "awake" with minimal effort. My coworkers have even said, "Look at your glow!" or "Your skin looks amazing!" and I can promise you it's not because of the natural light in my home office. When I'm getting ready for dinner or meeting friends for brunch, I follow the same process—only I layer my typical foundation and makeup on top on my base layer of "glotion." Even with a layer of foundation and a dusting of powder and bronzer on top, the glow remains and, dare I say, even pops under a layer of product. Somehow, the illuminating lotion makes my face look more hydrated, more alive, more taken care of.

loreal lumiglow

The product is available in four shades—Fair, Light, Medium and Deep—so you can choose the kind of glow you want based on your skin tone. I'm fair-skinned but can get a little sun in the summertime, so I like to keep both Light and Medium on hand. That said, the product blends so well that I don't worry about what shade I'm using if I'm out of one and need a quick swipe.

L'Oreal Paris Makeup True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer Lotion usually retails for $15.99, but is currently priced as low as $6.64 on Amazon. Now is the time to try it out or stock up if you're a devotee like me. I even added a few extra bottles to my Amazon cart as stocking stuffers for my mom and sisters—because at $6.64, why not shop for Christmas in July?!

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