Wide-awake lashes that make you look like you actually slept a full eight hours. 
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It’s hard to believe that mascara still stands by us after all that we ask of it: to lift, curl, lengthen, volumize, and separate. More still, to last all day without wearing off, flaking, or giving us raccoon eyes. Not to mention, to be affordable. Really, we’re surprised mascara hasn’t run for the hills. 

When L’Oreal’s newest launch, Bambi Mascara, hit my desk, I was wary. I only trust one drugstore mascara (that also happens to be L’Oreal), because it can be tricky to find the bang for my buck I’m looking for at a drugstore price. Bambi, you say? As in, doe-eyed? Like, Twiggy-esque? Intrigued and lucky I hadn’t worn mascara that day, I took the mirrored tube to the bathroom to swipe on and see for myself. 

As someone who tests a lot of mascaras that all end up looking the exact same—really, it can be a letdown—I was pleasantly surprised at how this mascara lived up to what it was touting. It lifted up my lashes and separated them better than most mascaras are capable, drugstore or not, opening up my eyes and giving my whole face a more awake, decidedly doe-eyed effect not often achieved on a Monday. 

Bambi Mascara
Credit: Courtesy L'Oreal

The wand brush is an oblong shape—like a football—which is basically made to fit the curve of your eye and shape of your lash line, making it easier to coat every individual lash and create a wide-awake look. It also helps to eliminate any clumps from the get-go. 

I was undoubtedly helped by the fact that I’ve been religiously applying GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum to lengthen my lashes, which has worked seriously above and beyond my expectations. After applying this mascara, my lashes were quite literally hitting the tops of my eyebrows. Twiggy, did you hear that? 

In another weird turn, I loved Bambi Mascara for my bottom lashes, which I usually forgo entirely. Instead of smudging and only covering a sparse few, it lengthened the entire bottom lash line enough to graze my under-eyes. A spritz of Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray ensures it won’t wear off. 

In lieu of my usual ultra-volumized L’Oreal Lash Paradise lashes, I’ll be taking these doe-eyed Twiggy lashes on the road, at least until the tube runs out. You can shop it here.

Not all mascara wands are created equal, and this one is all about the length and separation. What’s your favorite?