Say goodbye to dry, damaged locks. 

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During the dry winter months, we all make an effort to ensure we're keeping our skin moisturized. With all this derma pre-occupation, our haircare can oftentimes fall by wayside. While fighting dry, bitterly cold winter weather, your normal conditioner may not be giving your hair the nourishment it needs to survive the season. Enter the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment. The mask will add life back to dry strands by repairing damage that was done in the past and protect against future breakage, ensuring your winter hair not only survives, but thrives.

Twice a week during winter months, I replace my regular conditioner with the mask treatment to keep my ends free of frizz and breakage caused by dryness. The signature scent of the Living Proof products is so divine, I would use this stuff every day if I could. When things warm up, I tend to cut back on the frequency of my hair masking ritual but, as everyone knows, winter calls for extra moisture. After shampooing, I apply the mask from roots to ends and let it sit for about five minutes before rinsing.

I noticed a change in my hair immediately after rinsing the mask for the first time. My hair was noticeably softer and my ends were as smooth as they are after a fresh haircut at the salon. I was a little nervous trying the product for the first time because I have naturally oily hair and worry that new products will cause it to be greasy, but this product doesn't add any excess oil or weigh down my hair at all.

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If your hair needs a full restoration from damage caused by washing and styling, pair the mask with Living Proof's Restore Shampoo and Conditioner. In just a couple of weeks, your hair will tansform from damaged and dull to healthy and full of shine.