We’re all for thinning out our makeup bag.

Scouring the beauty world via shelves in stores or online for a holy grail product can seem like a lifetime pursuit. Once we find our one true love in a beauty product, we tend to stick with it for quite some time. Not only do we keep restocking our own stash, we begin sharing it with our family, friends, and each person that pays us a compliment. Pretty simply, we rant and rave about it to anyone who will listen! I'm sharing one of my makeup grails with you today, and I am so guilty of all of the aforementioned antics because I use and appreciate this product so much.

Allow me to introduce you to the Huestick. I get giddy over the name because it feels very multifaceted, just like the product is. Not only is it a multi-use beauty stick, but it is actually made in the U.S.A. with high-quality natural pigment paired with ingredients that are good for your skin. I find eye shadow challenging to use at times, but my Huestick takes the fuss and need for a brush out of the equation. Blending it in gently with my fingertips is perfect for my already-busy life. I use the Huestick as a creamy eyeshadow, as well as a lip color and blush, and the finish is semi-matte, which means there is not too much shine while it doesn't make my lips and skin feel dry either. My favorite shades happen to be Found (a deep brick), Rise (a terra-cotta), and Balance (a coral), which was just recently added to the lineup.

Huesticks can also be used as a way to balance out dark circles and dark spots. That's right: It is a spot corrector, as well! Starting your makeup routine by taking care of those pesky spots without adding more products into the mix is a true beauty win. Just to rave a bit more, Huesticks are blendable, buildable, weightless, easy-to-use, vegan, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and packed with hyaluronic acid, squalene, and vitamins C and E. Shop the wonder beauty stick below.

Live Tinted Huestick Review
Credit: Live Tinted

Live Tinted Huestick

Choose from a range of inclusive shades, or go with the mix-and-match set that includes four colors of your choice at a discounted rate. 

Shop Shade Options Here: $24 each; livetinted.com