And now, neither am I. 

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Woman applying lipstick
Credit: George Marks/Stringer/Getty Images

When I was younger, my mom would always ask me as I left the house, "Do you have anything to put on your lips?" I would reply, "Yeah, it's in my purse," as I scooted out the door. I remember always seeing her apply her lipstick throughout the day, even if she was just running into the grocery store. As for me, I reserved lipstick for special occasions.

Fast-forward to today, and I have way too many tubes of lipstick in my drawer and am anxiously awaiting a package from Sephora with my new Mark Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang lipstick. As it turns out, when you have on a full face of makeup, lipstick is necessary to complete a polished look. The first time I found the perfect nude shade of lipstick for everyday wear, I remember telling my mom, "You are going to be so proud! I bought some lipstick the other day." I know she was thinking, I told you so, as she smiled. Now, I have a variety of shades to choose from that I switch out based on my outfit of the day. It turns out one of the best gifts I ever gave my mom was listening to her advice.

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