Laura Mercier's Ultra-Longwear Concealer Is One of the Best Out There

We try a lot of concealer around here.


From drugstore favorites to luxury brands that deliver, good concealers are common fodder in the Southern Living coffee nook (seriously, it's a nook). It wasn't until recently that I realized I subconsciously set the bar for every concealer I test with Laura Mercier's Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer. So far none have quite held a candle against my beloved $29 tube.

To start, the applicator is tiny, allowing for precise application. The coverage is so hard working that just a few strategically placed dabs cover and camouflage the imperfections without fear of overdoing it. You know, concealer is something that is easily overdone. Speaking of which, finding the right color for your skin tone is also a major pitfall so many of us fall prey to. Flawless Fusion is offered in 22 shades, of which 1C (fair with cool undertones) is my ideal match. It perfectly blends with my skin tone and foundation, making its application area utterly undetectable to the naked eye. Winner, winner.

More than anything, the most important thing to keep in mind when shopping and test driving a new concealer is how well it does or does not stick around. If smiling is your favorite, you can probably relate to catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror only to see deep under-eye crevasses that appear when you flash those pearly whites. A good primer can only take you so far—of this I have learned. Let me tell you, LM's concealer sets the standard for stay-in-place coverage. Sweat, humidity, tears—they've got nothing on this stuff.

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Whatever your battle (whether dark circles, fine lines, or dullness) give this one a try. It's slightly splurge-worthy at $29, but the coverage is unparalleled.

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