We know, we couldn't believe it either.

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Lancome Idole
Credit: Nordstrom

Ah, Trésor. That amber-hued, diamond-shaped bottle has been a beacon of delight for Southern women for decades. It's one of the most popular perfumes of all time and for good reason. The sophisticated floral blend of rose, iris, and lilac paired with a warm, woody base and a hint of sweet vanilla is absolutely intoxicating. Lucky for those of us who call this iconic fragrance our signature, it doesn't seem to be leaving shelves anytime soon (or ever, if we have our way), but there is a new gal on the block who's giving our beloved Trésor a run for her money.

Meet, Idôle, the latest fragrance launch from Lancôme—and your new olfactory obsession. Just don't think you're the only one who will be sporting this scent at the next Junior League meeting. Lancôme's new little darling is quickly gaining fan-favorite status.

Idôle Eau de Parfum was designed by a trio of female perfumers who were sure to keep the Idôle woman (or, at least, who they envisioned her to be) at the forefront throughout the development process. The result is a subtle floral bouquet with rose and jasmine taking the lead to create a clean, crisp, feminine fragrance that's the new definition of elegance as far as we're concerned. It's ideal for both daytime and evening wear and can make the transition between warmer and cooler months without incident. If you're looking for a one-and-done scent, you might have just found it.

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The bottle was designed to lay flat on the vanity, which is certainly a departure from Trésor's sculptural packaging. According to Lancôme, Idôle is in fact the world's thinnest perfume bottle—now isn't that something?