We're Shopping This Lancôme Mascara Steal In the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Extra long lashes for all.

Nordstrom Lancome Mascara Set
Photo: Nordstrom

When picking a mascara, it can seem overwhelming to differentiate between all the wand shapes, formula types—volume, length, or curl—drugstore steals, and designer splurges. No matter your preferences, you'll be able to find one that fits your ideal lash look, whether it be a drugstore staple that boasts epic volume or a classic department-store tube that feigns the most unbelievable lump-free length. Today, we're concerned with the latter, not only because it is a longtime favorite that never goes out of style, but because it is also part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you've never tried Lancôme Définicils High-Definition Mascara, now's your chance to get a tube (and then some) to see you through the rest of the year.

Starting the morning of August 19, 2020, all shoppers can access the sale and we're advising to run, not walk, over to the virtual beauty section to snag the Lancôme Définicils Lengthening and Defining Mascara Set, which is valued at nearly $100 but priced at only $59.50. The set comes complete with two full-size tubes of Lancôme Définicils Mascara, as well as the brand's Cils Booster XL mascara primer (again, full-size) and a bottle of the brand's top-selling eye makeup remover. Basically, it is our ideal combination of products to ensure a really impressive set of lashes, with enough product to last months and months; plus you get four products for the price of two.

If you've never used a mascara primer, you'll find that a few swipes before applying your mascara makes lashes instantly look naturally longer and helps hold all the work you might have just done with an eyelash curler. Additionally, a good eye makeup remover is essential for taking off mascara and eyeliner without applying too much pressure or scrubbing, which can result in the loss of stray lashes every time you wash your face. As far as the actual mascara goes, ask your mother, grandmother, or the random lady at the department store counter. It's vetted. No clumps, lumps, or flakes. (One editor's mother swears by the stuff.)

Not only are we stocking up for the rest of the calendar year, but we're also getting ready to gift these beauty surprises come Christmas or upcoming birthdays—because in the midst of it all, some extra long lashes can make someone's day. Treat yourself, treat your best gals and loved ones, and do it with a deal. (SHOP THE MASCARA SET: $59.50; nordstrom.com)

Lashes, lashes, lashes. If you need us, we'll be admiring newly acquired doe eyes in the mirror, even when we have nowhere to go.

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