It's amazingly smudge-proof.
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Kiko Milano Lipstick
Kiko Milano Lipstick
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Can I tell you a story about my mom? She has this funny habit of ordering new beauty products only to suddenly get overwhelmed when they arrive on the doorstep. My sweet Mama's love for new things often clashes with her aversion to clutter. Her solution is simple: Pass the unwanted items off to her only daughter. Enter me . . . and I have to say I hope this little routine continues forever.

Kiko Milano Lipstick is my latest bounty, and it's so wonderful I almost—"almost" being the key word here—feel guilty for snagging it away from my mom. It's a liquid lip color that glides on so effortlessly it almost convinces me I'm a makeup pro. Every day the two-step application allows me to choose whether I'm going to rock a high-gloss shine or stick with a matte finish. One side of the makeup marvel is the base color, while the other half offers a striking polish. But without question, the best thing about the product is the long-lasting coverage. After easily wearing it for 5 hours without having to reapply, I was quickly convinced this lipstick is a true makeup phenomenon.

KIKO Milano Unlimited Double Touch Lipstick
KIKO Milano Unlimited Double Touch Lipstick
| Credit: KIKO Milano

In fact, I have a confession: I now order two of the same color so I can keep one in my purse and one in my beauty bag at all times. The "natural rose" shade is my go-to, but don't fret if you prefer something a bit bolder; there are 18 color options for every liking. The rich formula delivers a bright and uniform tone that's completely smudge-proof, and my lipstick-game has never been stronger. I truly doubt I'll ever need any other lip color.

Oh! And Mom, if you're reading this, no you cannot have it back. Finders keepers, as they say.

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