Plus, the exact shade she pulled out of her purse.

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Every Southern woman has a trusted group of ladies looking out for her next touch-up. We're talking aunts, mamas, sisters, the woman at the checkout counter—they're all highly trained in the art of knowing when a little color will do you justice. The time and place of such touch-ups, on the other hand, is quite the polarizing subject. Is it appropriate to touch-up at the table? In the church pew? What about on the fourth down when your team decides to go for it? These are the questions Southerners have been asking themselves for generations and it seems we finally have the answer. For that, we have none other than Kate Middleton herself to thank.

Last week, our favorite duchess and unofficial authority on all things etiquette, made an appearance at Wimbledon. She donned a flowy white shirt dress, reportedly by British designer Suzannah, accessorized with a sleek black belt and her now practically signature black pumps. Of course, her hair was curled to perfection—must we even mention at this point? It was business as usual, until Kate pulled from her handbag a tiny pink tube.

The time for a touch-up was upon her and, instead of waiting to pull that tube from her purse once she was out of public view, Kate took it out of her chic little clutch right then and there for all the world to see. There's a reason we can't recall many instances of royal touch-ups and that's because they typically happen behind closed doors. This little display made us absolutely giddy as we now have it on royal authority to tell Mama a public lipstick touchup isn't quite as gauche as originally thought.

Okay, you're right, we would never dare contradict Mama, but maybe she'll read this and take our words to heart.

While we're unclear as to the exact location where said touch-up took place (as far as we can see the photographic trail goes cold after that shot of Kate holding the gloss), we think this is just as good of a reason as any to finally sway the vote for public reapplication of lipstick. Afterall, a royal taking a beauty product out of her purse in plain view is equivalent, etiquette-wise, to a discreet swipe on the lips from the rest of us, no? It goes without saying that there is still a certain amount of care and decorum one must take when applying lip color in public. We'll leave the lip-smacking at home, promise.

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Most importantly, that universally flattering shade that has prompted today's etiquette discussion is Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector ($26) in what appears to be Rose Shimmer. Clarins is one of just a handful of brands within the beauty industry to receive a coveted Royal Warrant of Appointment from the Queen—Elizabeth Arden also made the cut.