Why You Should Really Start Using White Eyeliner Instead of Black

Time to trade in your trusty dark pencil.

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The urge to only use black eyeliner runs deep in the veins of most women who remember seeing Cindy Crawford's sultry smokey eye makeup in the 1990s. However, that certainly doesn't mean that it is always the most flattering pick. It's just the one we've always thought was the only option. In general, it's actually better to choose a softer color like brown or a shade that complements your eye color. Placement is important, too.

So basically, if you've been conditioned to draw black eyeliner into your waterline or on both the top and bottom lash lines, it's time to stop. For good. We'd like to steer you in the opposite direction of the color spectrum. That's right: white eyeliner. This unusual shade helps to brighten up your eyes and give your whole face a youthful boost. Goodbye, harsh black. We don't hate to see you leave. White eyeliner is like a sleepy girl's secret to eyes that look awake and stand out in the crowd.

White Eyeliner
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White eyeliner is a makeup artist trick for brightening up the face and making your eyes look bigger and more awake, particularly when used on the bottom waterline. When using a dark color on the bottom lash line, it can make eyes look smaller and drawn-down, but white has the reverse effect. We recommend Maybelline's waterproof formula to ensure it stays put in the waterline.

You can even use white eyeliner on the top waterline and follow by using a soft brown on top of the lash line to still get extra definition. Just make sure to always focus top eyeliner on the outer half of the lash line, never all the way into the inner corner. If desired, choose a nude-colored eyeliner in lieu of white for a more subtle (but slightly less effective) look. Try the MAC Technakohl Liner in shade Risque.

To further brighten the face, you can also invest in a chunkier white pencil (like the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil), and apply it to the inner corner of the eye. This brings focus and light to the center of the face. Blend out with your finger for a diffused finish.

If you love black eyeliner with a passion, live your truth. Just know that white eyeliner is there to join the party whenever you want.

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