By mimi
Art by Elysia Berman

When you think mousse, you probably think crunch, crispy, scrunched up curls. Because that's pretty much what it always did. Unless of course you were like me, and you liked to add a little bit of hold to your silky, fine strands. But for the vast majority of the population, mousse hasn't been a top-shelf essential for quite a while. That is, until now. Mousse, it seems, got a little face lift. Over the next few months, we can expect amazing innovations coming our way, which means volume, volume, volume. Trust me when I say that I'm not complaining. Here are some moussies for you-ssies to get excited about.

TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Touchable Bounce Mousse Chrissy Teigen uses this mousse, need I say more? But for realsies, Chrissy announced her partnership with this line and she has some of the most gorgeous hair around. And it doesn't lack volume, so whatever she's using is good enough for me. The best part is that this mousse is formulated along with the touchable hair goals from the rest of the you can use it before you blow dry your hair and have it still feel silky-soft, but with a little more oomph. $5;

R+CO Chiffon Styling Mousse This mousse is great if you like curling your hair. It will give you touchable smoothness, but an elastic hold for whatever kind of wave you put in your hair. Your hair will have the same bounce as a slinky. And, of course, in R+Co fashion, the packaging is totally adorbz. $27;

Living Proof Timeless Plumping Mousse Now this new release from Living Proof is super exciting for ladies who have felt like their hair has been thinning. That's a normal thing that happens with age, but it still sucks. The nice thing about this mousse is that it really does make your hair look like it's expanded. Think of it like temporary steroids for your hair— the effect is like when Popeye eats spinach. Your hair will be at its most flexy fabulous, so you'll be channeling some Jerry Hall at Studio 54 as you sashay through your day. AND if your hair is aging and becoming increasingly wiry, this mousse will help keep those hairs more manageably soft. $28;

Phyto Intense Volume Mousse I love this mousse because it's moisturizing, but in a way that that doesn't weigh your hair down. Big hair that won't get stripped and dried out? Sign me up. Oh and the bounce you get from this bad gal? It's to die for. $24;

Show Beauty Lux Volume Mousse This is a wonderful mousse for when you're doing a soft updo. It really does make your hair seem so much thicker but doesn't make the texture immovable. It will give you a style that holds, but one that still has some movement. And none of that product-y, gunk-y build up either! Just lavish, rich girl hair. To top it all off, the bottle is so gorgeous. It's hard to beat having that on your vanity. $35;